Carr 110 Km 31.6 | Aguadilla, PR

Box Club


Welcome to Box Club! Our yearly membership club where you can get exclusive beers and more.

About The Beer Box

The Beer Box is Puerto Rico’s first craft beer store and bottle shop. Established in January 2012 and eventually evolving into a bar/bottle shop. We host live music, tastings, beer dinners and other events. We also offer beer catering for private events.


Boxlab is a nomad brewery. We create our recipes at our headquarters and brew our beer in other breweries. Currently, all our beers are brewed at Ingeniero Microbrewery in Manatí, Puerto Rico and at F.O.K. Brewing in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Our beers are available in very limited quantities and are sold exclusively at The Beer Box in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.


The Boxlab Inner Circle is a secret group of Boxlab supporters. The amount of perks which will become available to the Inner Circle is considerable and will not be revealed in public. Please email us at for full details of the Inner Circle Membership. **Serious inquiries only**


The Box Club Membership gives you access to exclusive Boxlab beers which will not be otherwise sold. A private collection of one-off experimental brews which will not be available to the public. Expect unusual recipes and styles, crazy ABV beers, experiments with atypical ingredients and collaborations with other brewers, chefs and other creatives. Aside from the beer, Box Club Membership includes our members only T-Shirt and large discounts on drinks and food at The Beer Box. Here are the details:

  • Eight (8) exclusive beers in 22oz bottles. All will be one-off beers and will not be otherwise offered to the public
  • Club Card with 10% discount on all purchases at The Beer Box
  • Exclusive Box Club T-Shirt
  • Membership good for 12 months (1 year)

Membership Fee: $200
Only 40 spaces available per year.

Membership Rules:

  1. Membership is available for Puerto Rico residents only. If you cannot be physically available to pick up your bottles at The Beer Box in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, please do not sign up. Shipping beer illegal.
  2. Boxlab Brewing Company and The Beer Box reserve the exclusive right to beer selection and release dates.
  3. Boxlab Brewing Company and The Beer Box will not advance information on beer releases.
  4. Box Club beers will not be for sale. Beer will be made available to Box Club members. Box Club members pay for a membership, not for beer. Box Club beers will not be otherwise sold or offered to anyone else.